Instructions for the use of Metarizin, dosage of the biological product and analogues

Instructions for the use of Metarizin, dosage of the biological product and analogues

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Among agrochemical agents, biological plant protection products occupy a special place. The combination of high safety and efficiency allows them to be used at any stage of plant development. They do not harm the soil and beneficial insects, and are not preserved in the harvested crop. The use of "Metarizin" in accordance with the instructions for use allows you to get rid of a whole list of soil-dwelling insect pests.

Composition and formulation

A new biological pesticide produced by a domestic manufacturer - LLC "Invivo". The active effect of the drug on insects is provided by the presence in its composition of the entomopathogenic fungus Metarhizium anisopliae, which can multiply in the cavity of the pest.

Such fungi are found in all types of soil, artificially increasing their concentration to 108 CFU / ml (colony forming units per milliliter) made it possible to use the drug as an effective insecticidal agent.

The product is available in the form of a liquid or powder. Can be used in large areas and summer cottages. The liquid form of "Metarizin" is packed in bottles and bottles made of non-transparent plastic, with a volume of 200, 500, 1000 and 5000 milliliters.

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The preparation in the form of a powder is an organic peat humic fertilizer with an insecticidal effect. Packaged in polymer bags with a capacity of 50 grams.

Any package of the drug contains information about the manufacturer, the composition of the product, the rules for its use and the types of insects that it can affect.

Principle and scope of use

The agent is an intestinal pesticide. The rapid development of the fungus that has penetrated inside causes disruption of the life support systems of insects, the released toxins poison the body, the impact ensures the death of the pest.

The drug protects the treated area from insects and larvae that live in the soil. It destroys:

  • wireworm;
  • bear;
  • beetle larvae;
  • thrips.

The tool is used to cultivate pastures and areas occupied by locusts. It has a prolonged effect, the corpses of insects become a source of infection for living individuals. Treating the tubers or bulbs with the spray agent before planting protects the seed.

Advantages of the new drug

The biological product "Metarizin" belongs to the 4th class of danger to humans (practically safe). In addition, it has a number of advantages:

  • long period of exposure to pests;
  • an alternative to chemical insecticides;
  • used for intermediate treatment of areas so that insects do not develop resistance to chemical pesticides;
  • the solid form of the preparation is additionally a fertilizer and growth stimulator for plants;
  • safety of use.

The disadvantages include the high cost of the product, it takes more time than chemical insecticides to exterminate insects.

Dosage, consumption rates and application regulations

The tool is used in rainy weather or before rain. The increased humidity contributes to the increased reproduction of the fungus in the soil. When watering and spraying plants, 1 gram of substance per liter of water is enough. For fertilization and insecticidal soil cultivation, use 5 grams per liter of liquid. For processing with a liquid form of the drug, 0.5 liters per bucket of water is enough. This volume of working solution is enough for 1 hundred square meters of land.

Important: the shelf life of the liquid form of the product is 4 months.

To protect the roots of plants, before planting, they are dipped in a clay mash based on the Metarizin working solution. Tubers and bulbs are kept in a working solution before planting so that the seed is not damaged by insects. Use "Metarizin" when digging the soil in spring or autumn, when watering plants, hilling plantings. It must be remembered that it is not used in sunny weather. The fungus will die from exposure to sunlight.

Security measures

Interaction with the drug does not require strict safety measures. Work on the preparation of the working solution should be carried out in protective gloves. When preparing tank mixtures with "Metarizin" it is necessary to focus on the most toxic component of the complex.

Compatibility with other substances

Suitable for making tank mixtures with fertilizers, growth stimulants. It is not used in conjunction with Trichodermin.

Storage rules

Store away from food. Out of the reach of children and pets. Contain in their original packaging at a temperature not exceeding +10 ° С. The shelf life of the powder is 2 years, subject to the temperature regime, the liquid form lasts 4 months.

What can be replaced?

Analogs of the drug are "Bio-discharge", "Enocid", "Micorad INSECTO".

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