The best early varieties of tomatoes 2019 for open ground in different regions of Russia

The best early varieties of tomatoes 2019 for open ground in different regions of Russia

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Tomatoes (Solánum lycopérsicum) - annual or perennial herbaceous plants belonging to the genus Solanum, or Solanum, from the Solanaceae family, or Solanaceae. For many years, tomato has been a very popular and sought after vegetable crop.

Characteristics of varieties for open ground

When choosing a variety or hybrid form for cultivation in the open field, preference should be given to early, preferably standard, tomatoes, which do not need pinching and are characterized by the compactness of the bush.

It should be noted that some determinant and semi-determinant hybrid forms and varieties, bred primarily for open ground, perfectly bear fruit in a greenhouse or greenhouse. Besides, indeterminate tomatoes grown for greenhouses are known, which demonstrate good yield in the garden.

The best varieties for open ground

A careful selection of a variety of tomatoes for planting is very important, as some grow better and bear fruit in the open air, and for others it is important to have a protected greenhouse soil.

Undersized tomatoes

Unpretentious, optimally suitable for beginners and inexperienced vegetable growers and, subject to agricultural technology, manage to give a good harvest before the onset of a cold snap. It is these tomatoes that belong to the category of early ripe. Inflorescences on stunted tomatoes are laid after the first five leaves, and plant growth is limited to the last inflorescence.

"Watercolor"Early ripening tomato, ripening in an average of 95 daysRed. The shape is oval. The average weight is 95 g. The taste is good, pronounced tomato, with a slight acidAbout 4 kg per square meterIncreased drought tolerance
"Supermodel"Early ripening tomato, ripening in about 100 daysRed-pink color. The form is elongated. The average weight is 117 g. The taste is good, pronounced tomato, sweetishAbout 5 kg per square meterIt responds well to irrigation and top dressing with complex mineral fertilizers
"Alpha"Early ripening tomato, ripening in an average of 85 daysRed, rounded, weighing 60-80 g. Designed for fresh consumptionTotal yield of the order of 6.2 kg per square meterLate blight resistance
"Antoshka"Early ripening tomato, ripening in about 95 daysYellow, rounded, weighing 65-70 g, with sugary pulp, universal useTotal yield of about 5.5 kg per square meterAverage resistance to major diseases
"Krakowyak"Early ripening tomato ripening in an average of 80 daysRed, flat-round, with fleshy pulp, weighing 50-70 g, best used for saladsThe total yield of about 1.5 kg per bushAverage resistance to major diseases

Tall large tomatoes

Gardeners are attracted by their productivity and fruiting duration. Very popular, but require increased attention.

BarmaleyEarly ripening, with maturation in 98 daysPink, flat round, medium dense, fleshy, weighing more than 0.2 kg, salad purposeTotal - up to 16 kg per square meterHigh productivity and marketability
"Bik Beef-F1"Medium early, with maturation in 70 daysRed, rounded flat, with dense flesh, weighing about 0.3 kg, salad useTotal - up to 12.7 kg per square meterResistant to tobacco mosaic virus, cladosporiosis
"Steak"Medium early ripening in 105-109 daysRed, relatively dense, rounded, weighing about 0.28 kg, saladTotal - up to 11.5 kg per square meterResistant to alternaria leaf spot, cladosporiosis, TMV
"Athlete Maslova"Medium early ripening in 110-120 daysRed, flat-round, with fleshy flesh, weighing about 0.4 kg, salad purposeTotal - up to 12.5 kg per square meterResistant to major pathogens
Giant LemonMid-ripening, ripening in 110-140 daysBright yellow, fleshy, flat round, weighing 0.7-0.9 kg, universal useTotal - up to 14.5 kg per square meterResistant to major pathogens

New varieties (“Big Mommy” and others)

Almost every year new hybrid forms are introduced that combine the best quality characteristics, excellent taste, yield, as well as increased resistance to the most harmful and common diseases.

"Hajduk-F1"Ultra-mature semi-determinant hybrid, matures in 80-85 daysRed, weighing up to 140 g, universal useHighFriendly yield, comprehensive resistance to disease and adverse weather conditions
Cyrano F1Indeterminate early ripe hybridRed, rounded, with a pointed topGuaranteed HighIntegrated disease resistance. Bronze Tolerance
"Siberian trump card"Large-fruited, standard tomatoRaspberry red, weighing up to 0.7 kg, with very sweet pulpProductivity up to 5 kg per bushVirtually no need for herding
"Big Mama"A very early determinant variety ripening in 85-95 daysRed, heart-shaped, dense, weighing 0.35 kg, with richly sweet pulp, universal useHighResistant to most diseases
"Openwork-F1"Early ripe hybrid ripening in 105-110 daysRed, roundish, dense, fleshy, non-cracking, weighing 0.26 kg, salad purposeProductivity up to 8 kg per bushResistance to powdery mildew, verticillosis, apical and root rot, root sampling

Sweet hybrids

Taste qualities of ripe fruits play an important role in choosing a variety. Most often, vegetable growers and summer residents prefer tomatoes with sweet and meaty pulp, which perfectly complement vegetable salads and are suitable for harvesting in the winter.

"Dina"Early ripening, harvest in 104-110 daysYellow, slightly elongated, fleshy, weighing 0.3 kg, universal purpose, with a high content of caroteneProductivity up to 3.5 kg per bushMedium Disease Resistance
"Quiz"Mid-early variety ripening in 112-120 daysIntense red, flat-round, fleshy, weighing up to 0.2 kg, salad purposeTotal yield up to 95 t / haResistant to major pathogens
"Miracle of the Earth"Early ripe and very tall varietyRound, pink, with a delicate dessert flavor, weighing up to 0.5 kgProductivity about 4 kg from a bushHigh drought tolerance, adaptability to temperature extremes
"Pink flamingo"Mid-early, semi-determinant, gives a harvest in 110-115 daysPlum, pink, sweet, firm, weighing up to 170 gHigh yielding varietyResistant to major pathogens
Siberian troikaMedium early, standard, relatively new varietyRed, pepper-shaped, weighing up to 0.35 kg, sweet, salad useProductivity up to 4.8 kg per bushHigh disease resistance

Phytophthora-resistant tomato hybrids

The development of late blight on tomatoes directly depends on weather conditions. Phytophthora affects tomato bushes at high moisture levels - about 75-80%. Fortunately, varieties and hybrids resistant to this disease have been bred.

OakEarly ripening, ripening in 85-105 daysRed, fleshy, rounded, weighing up to 110 gUp to 7 kg per square meterLate blight resistance
GnomeUltra-ripe, the crop is ready in 87-110 daysRed, round, fleshy, weighing up to 65 g, universal useUp to 3 kg per bushLate blight resistance
"Snowstorm"Mid-ripening, ripening after 115-120 daysRed, fleshy, non-cracking, round, up to 99 g, salad purposeHighLate blight resistance
"Academician Sakharov"Indeterminate mid-seasonRed, flat round, multi-chamber, sweet, weighing up to 0.3 kg, universal purposeHighLate blight resistance
"Tsar Peter"Mid-season determinantRed, ovoid, smooth, dense, weighing up to 90 g, universal useProductivity up to 570 kg / haLate blight resistance

Early and Superearly Varieties

An important selection criterion is the ripening period of tomatoes. Many gardeners and vegetable growers prefer to grow fruitful, unpretentious, ultra-early tomato varieties for open ground.

Aurora F1Ultra-mature hybrid, determinant, matures in 78-85 daysIntensively red, roundish, fleshy, weighing 110-120 gTotal - 12-15 kg per sq. mResistance to Alternaria, VTM
"Arctic"Ultra-ripe, determinant, yields in 78-80 daysPink, rounded, weighing 20-25 g, universal useTotal - 1.7-2.5 kg per sq. mMedium Resistant to Disease
GavroshUltra-ripening, standard, ripens in 80-85 daysRed, rounded, weighing up to 50 g, universal useTotal - 1-1.5 kg per bushLate blight resistance
"Linda"Ultra-ripe, determinant, gives fruit after 78-80 daysRed, dense, rounded, weighing 40-90 g, universal useTotal - 215-319 kg / haResistance to Fusarium, Verticillosis
"Liana"Ultra-mature, determinant, matures in 80-85 daysRed, dense, rounded, weighing 60-80 g, universal useTotal - 40-45 t / haVTM Resistance

The best varieties for growing in Russia

Tomatoes appeared in Russia in the 18th century and still have not lost their relevance and popularity. Today, gardeners in our country know what types of tomatoes it is preferable to plant in a particular region of Russia.

Varieties of tomatoes for open ground (video)

For Moscow region

The Moscow region is very extensive, and climatic and weather conditions in different areas may have some peculiarities. Nevertheless, there are varieties and hybrid forms that work great both in the southern and northern suburbs.

"Siberian precocious"Early ripe, determinant variety, ripening in 114-127 daysBright red, fleshy, flat round, weighing 60-110 g, salad useTotal - up to 7 kg / sq. mResistance to brown spotting and TMV, cold resistance
"White filling red"Early ripe, determinant, gives a harvest after 100-110 daysRed, rounded, fleshy, weighing 80-140 g, universal useTotal - 8 kg / sq. mDisease resistant
SultanMid-early, determinant, maturing in 93-112 days hybridRed, flat round, weighing 150-200 g, universal useTotal - 144-565 kg / haResistance to verticillosis and fusarium
"Anyuta-F1"Early ripe, determinant, the crop is ready in 75-80 daysRound, red, weighing 110-120 g, universal useTotal - up to 12 kg / sq. mResistance to the tobacco mosaic virus, black bacterial spotting, alternariosis and fusariosis
NevskyEarly ripe, determinant, ripening in 85 daysRounded, red, smooth, weighing up to 100 g, universal useProductivity is 4.6 kg / sq. mDisease resistant

For the Urals

The best tomatoes for the Urals are characterized by excellent resistance to possible frost even during the summer period, relative unpretentiousness, as well as stable yield regardless of growing conditions.

Bull HeartMid-season, indeterminate, gives a harvest after 100-117 daysLarge, meaty, tasty, weighing more than 0.2 kg, universal useAbout 3.8-5.0 kg per bushAdapted to adverse growing conditions
Ural-F1Mid-season, indeterminate, ripening in 116-120 daysRed, flat round, fleshy, weighing 0.35 kg, salad useTotal - up to 8 kg per bushResistance to TMV, cladosporiosis and fusariosis
"Intuition-F1"Medium early, indeterminate, fruits are ready for use after 94-117 daysBright red, fleshy, rounded, weighing 0.11 kgTotal - 26-32 kg / sq. mResistance to the tobacco mosaic virus, cladosporiosis, fusarium
Niagara F1Mid-ripe, indeterminate, ripens in 100-117 daysBright red, pear-shaped, weighing 95 g, universal useProductivity - 8 kg / sq. mAdapted to adverse growing conditions
Biysk RoseMedium early, determinant, ripening in 105-109 daysPink, flat round, 0.25 kg, salad useTotal - 4.6 kg / sq. mAdapted to adverse growing conditions

For Siberia

As a rule, the cultivation conditions of tomatoes in this region are quite complex, which leads to increased requirements for the choice of variety or hybrid form. Plants should easily withstand late spring and early autumn frosts, as well as temperature differences during the growing season.

"The nobleman"Mid-season, determinant, ripening in 103-117 daysRaspberry, fleshy, heart-shaped, weighing 131-250 g, salad useTotal - 160-583 kg / ha
"Barbara"Mid-ripe, indeterminate, ripens in 114 daysPink-raspberry, dense, cylindrical, weighing 70-90 g, universal useTotal - more than 1.5 kg per bush
GlossyMedium Early, Determinant VarietyRed, oval, fleshy, weighing up to 0.1 kg, salad useHigh
GinaMid-season, determinant, gives harvest after 125 daysRed, round, fleshy, weighing 0.28 kg, universal useTotal - up to 10 kg / sq. m
"Caspar-F1"Early ripe, determinant, ripening in 120 daysRed, fleshy, pepper-shaped, weighing 0.14 kg, universal useHigh

For Bashkiria

The climate of the republic of Bashkortostan is temperate continental, with a fairly warm summer period and snowy, very cold winters. Weather in the summer in this area is largely determined by the influence of air masses, and the choice of tomatoes should be approached very carefully.

"Agatha"Early ripe, determinant, ripening in 113 daysRed, fleshy, flat round, weighing up to 99 g, universal useTotal - 5.8-6.7 kg / sq. mMedium resistant to disease
Giant-10 NovikovMid-season, indeterminate, bears fruit after 123 daysPink-raspberry, fleshy, flat-round, weighing up to 0.6 kg, salad purposeAt least 3 kg per bushMedium resistant to disease
"Ground Gribovsky"Early ripe, determinant, ripening in 111 daysRed, rounded, up to 92 g, universal useHigh yieldDisease resistant
"Sanka"Early ripe, determinant, ripens in 87 daysRed, fleshy, rounded, weighing 150 g, universal useTotal - 50-65 t / haMedium resistant to disease
"Lady fingers"Early ripe, determinant, the crop is ready in 111 daysRed, elongated, fleshy, weighing 140 g, universal useTotal - up to 10 kg per bushDisease resistant

How to grow tomatoes in open field

For growing tomatoes on a personal plot, you should choose the brightest place where plants can receive a sufficient amount of natural light and heat. The timing of planting in the ground can vary not only in different regions, but also in different regions of Russia.

When to plant seedlings

If gardeners in the southern regions can safely sow tomatoes directly into the soil, then when cultivated in the middle lane, it is preferable to use the seedling method of cultivation.

At the time of planting, the plants must have time to develop well, and their height can vary from 25 to 35 cm. Seeds of late varieties and hybrids are recommended to be sown for seedlings in mid-March. Mid-season can be sown two weeks later. After a couple of weeks, seeds of early ripe and early ripe tomatoes are sown.

How to care

Proper sowing provides seedlings within a week. In order for the seedlings to be suitable for planting and to turn out to be as strong as possible, it is necessary to carry out the following plant care:

  • Dive plants are recommended two weeks after emergence;
  • watering is carried out with warm water, under the root, while avoiding excessive moisture in the soil, and also avoid overdrying;
  • the temperature regime must be maintained at a level of 22-24 ° C, which will not allow the main stem to stretch until the moment of planting.

How to grow tomatoes (video)

Before planting seedlings, it is advisable to feed a couple of times with complex fertilizers, which are bred in accordance with the attached instructions.