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How to protect roses from a cold snap

How to protect roses from a cold snap

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Good day to all! Tell me, in Moscow it’s +5 at night. Today I persuaded a person to get to the cottage, to shelter everything. Advise what to do with roses? Can I cover under the bottles? The fact is that then only on the 17th I get to the cottage. Will they not spray if the weather gets warmer?


Natasha, roses are not afraid of a little frost, they stand, without shelter, up to - 7g. Only those who have recently planted and have not taken root. But for so long, what if it is hot? And you are friends with neighbors, I have wonderful neighbors in my country house, we always help each other out, you can’t ask neighbors, take off the bottles?

We are friends with neighbors but they don’t often go too

A currant. Gooseberries on them already berries not what will not be with them?

There will be nothing with them, dahlias, pilots, potatoes, if they got out, cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, here they have to cover.

Sorry, probably far.

Ahh there is everything except dahlia

Yesterday I covered everything, well, marigolds are not afraid, cabbage, beets, onions, garlic, herbs. But I arrived in the summer and rarely leave, the squash covered the reservoir. Buckets, but now I’ve taken it off, they can’t live without light, we now have 10 grams and a strong north wind, but there was no promised freeze.

And peonies phloxes and chrysanthemums will bear minus if there will be? Atas I need to cover the whole cottage then there aren’t so many tissues

These will survive.

Hmm I have potatoes of 20 hundredths insecure, I don’t have any tissue what to cover the beets just covered

Non-skimp fabrics for everyone

Potato, if they have been spudding, will move away, just have more fun and everything is in order

Oh oh oh. I covered tomatoes and cucumbers, but I didn’t even think about zucchini and pumpkins. Who knew that such frosts would be.

And if they didn’t? I was waiting for the rains to spud. And with the rain, the cold came. And how to be now?

Nuuuu, if the trunks remain, then the rules, but if everything is in the root, then I don’t know, for one year we have foliage frosted so nothing-got over

We will wait for the results. Although it’s necessary to bury it at all, then it’ll definitely not freeze

It may pass by and there will be no freezing. Forecasters scared, but so far it costs +3 +10. And so yes, you really can’t hide everything.

Friends, don’t worry, everything is impossible to close, our frosts have passed (maybe they will still) grabbed only my beans, the neighbors have a little potatoes and zinnia. Zucchini, eggplant cucumbers and peppers were under the cover and kept it all, and roses are more hardy. And so we experience how to grow, how to go out, how to survive.

Potato is already blooming

You don’t have to do anything with roses, they perfectly tolerate short-term frosts to –8. It is raining and atmospheric pressure is lowered, which means that there will be no frosts.

If there is no covering, then a newspaper will do, but on top of a branch or stick, so as not to blow it off.

Tanya, we have the same weather as you, too, +10 and an icy wind, in the morning it was +6. And I made a greenhouse over the zucchini, threw the film on the arcs, and covered the cucumbers with banks. In business, you are northerners, accustomed to such a turn of events, and you always have an arc that is concealed at hand. And we, southerners, are not adapted to such cataclysms, we run in the evening, who harbors something. A neighbor of some branches threw on cucumbers and covered with double duvet covers on top. It is funny and sad at the same time.

Tell me, strawberries should be covered in frost

Of course, we are more adapted, we get the harvest with great labor and struggle, and it’s not “RYO” itself. Yesterday I also rushed in, just in the east of the region, they promised frost, everything went into action, covering, wire, cans, bottles, even cucumbers in the greenhouse covered, flowers, Dahlias. Today I have a pressure disorder in the morning: 17 on 95, now it’s a little sleepy. In how. They even cover with blankets, along arcs, newspapers and quilted jackets, put heaters in greenhouses, put red-hot bricks, all in the moves, in the struggle for the crop. How are your cucumbers?

Tanya, it’s like nothing, she closed it with glass jars, took it off during the day, they came up, they were already unfolding the first leaf. And I’m tossing around here, so shitty, I went mushrooming a week ago, a tick sucked, tore it off, threw it away, now this place has turned red, and something is happening to me, I don’t understand, weakness, I won’t carry myself in my head, who knows what. Well, I still got very nervous about the pose yesterday, maybe that's why. In general, we must go to the garden, but there is no strength, damn it!

The husband said that if there was a head left, then an urgent need to run to the doctor, it is very dangerous, because blow in an injury, or in regiment.

URGENTLY TO THE DOCTOR! Are you not joking! Here's an article for a magic pendell: Read it and see a doctor immediately!

Urgently to the doctor! With mites, jokes are bad.

Urgently call a joint venture (ambulance)

Girls, our endemic area is not dangerous, ticks are not infected, redness is not bright with a match head. I'll sign up for every fireman tomorrow

At the appointment with an infectious disease specialist.