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Graceful cucumber: time-tested variety

Graceful cucumber: time-tested variety

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One of the most popular and proven by many years of experience gardeners of Russian gardeners of cucumber varieties is currently "Graceful", bred for cultivation on ridges in open ground. Growing a variety in greenhouse conditions is also possible. This variety was selected at VNIISSOK, and it is in demand not only in our country, but also in neighboring countries.

Grade description

Cucumber "Graceful" is an early ripe variety with high productivity. A bee-pollinated medium-braided vegetable crop yields fruit after 44-60 days and forms about five lateral branches.

Zelentsy is elliptical in shape, weighing up to 140 g, length from 10 cm to 13 cm. The flesh of the cucumber has no voids, has a pleasant crunch and density, and is not bitter. The surface of the green stuff is finely tuberous, with white spikes.

Advantages and disadvantages

Grade "Elegant" has many advantages, thanks to which gardeners with pleasure in garden plots and summer cottages grow it with pleasure:

  • high taste qualities of cucumbers;
  • quite marketable appearance of greenhouses;
  • the variety has disease resistance and is not affected by olive spotting;
  • can be used as a pollinator for other varieties;
  • the plant is characterized by cold resistance;
  • Zelentsy are used for salting and canning, and are also good fresh.

Cucumbers of this variety adapt well to growing conditions and are not too demanding on weather factors. The total yield, subject to all care measures, reaches 7 kg of vegetables per square meter.

A certain disadvantage of this variety can be considered a relatively thick peel of the fruit, which is too noticeable when eating fresh greens.

How to choose a variety of cucumbers

Landing rules

Cucumbers of the Graceful variety are not difficult to cultivate. To get a good harvest, it is enough to adhere to the basic requirements and rules of agricultural technology.

  1. It is possible to grow a vegetable crop not only by direct sowing of seeds in open ground, but also in a very common seedling method for vegetable growers.
  2. Seeds prepared for planting should be sown on ridges in open ground when the soil warms up to 15-18 ° C.
  3. Planting grooves or holes made on ridges must be filled with a nutrient substrate based on peat, rotted manure or humus, sand and mineral fertilizer.
  4. Furrows or holes prepared for sowing, filled in three quarters of the soil substrate, should be abundantly poured with warm water.
  5. Depth of immersion of seeds should not exceed 1.5-2 cm.
  6. Sown seeds need to be mulched with peat or rotted manure, and then cover with garden wrap.

Seeds can be sown in glazed or polycarbonate greenhouses in early May. The best option is planting a monthly seedling, which has about 3-5 true leaves. For successful growth and fruiting, cucumbers need an air temperature of about 25 ° C.

It’s most profitable to grow cucumbers in seedlings, which allows to achieve higher plant productivity and get an early full-fledged crop of greenhouses.

  1. Seeds for seedlings, it is advisable to sow in separate planting containers, as cucumbers very poorly tolerate diving.
  2. Particular attention should be paid to compliance with the main microclimatic conditions.
  3. With insufficient lighting, seedlings should be illuminated with fluorescent lights for several hours daily.
  4. Topping seedlings is best done with complex fertilizers "Mortar", "Kemira-universal" or nitrofoska.

To protect the seedlings from stretching, you can combine additional illumination with a decrease in temperature. Before planting seedlings in a permanent place, it is very important to harden the plants, which will improve survival and accelerate rooting. Ready for planting at a permanent place, seedlings have dark green leaves, short internodes and a thick stem.

Care Features

Standard care for cucumbers of this variety is not time-consuming and consists in timely systematic irrigation, for which it is necessary to use only warm water. Once every ten days, watering is combined with top dressing with Biud, as well as a solution based on dry mullein or bird droppings. In sheltered soil and in poor lighting, cucumbers especially need potassium top dressing.

In the climatic and weather conditions of central Russia, it is recommended to use film tunnels or insulated steam beds when growing cucumbers of the Graceful variety. The formation of cucumber bushes is carried out by pinching the stem over the third leaf. Properly formed bushes have about five or six side lashes. In too hot weather, it is advisable to carry out evening sprinkling of plants, which helps to improve the process of photosynthesis.

Mandatory is the cultivation of the upper layer of soil under the plants. The trellis method of cultivation gives a good result, in which strong twine is used to tie plants. It is also important to carry out preventive spraying in order to protect the cucumber from diseases and plant parasites. Harvesting is carried out as the greenhouses ripen.

How to grow cucumbers on a trellis

Reviews of vegetable growers

Graceful cucumber stands out for its good endurance against uncomfortable temperature conditions and high resistance to disease damage. The variety earned positive reviews from gardeners. Germination of properly prepared seed material is rated as very high. The versatility of the use of the grown crop, as well as the unpretentiousness and resistance to most adverse factors, make this variety very popular.

In addition to the merits of the variety, vegetable growers also note its shortcomings, including the formation of a large number of male flowers on the plant. But despite this, for many vegetable growers and summer residents, cucumbers of the "Graceful" variety have long been beloved, and they are often recommended for cultivation for beginner gardeners.