A full description of Mom's autumn apple-tree variety and its characteristics

A full description of Mom's autumn apple-tree variety and its characteristics

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The apple tree is the most popular fruit crop in the world. Thanks to the efforts of breeders, a large number of varieties have been bred, differing in winter hardiness, fruiting, taste and ripening time. The apple tree itself of the Mom's cups is one of the most unusual varieties in terms of beauty and taste. It is unpretentious, cold-resistant and immune to disease.

Description of the variety

Mom's apple tree is a late-ripening variety and belongs to folk selection, therefore it is not listed in the State Register. The plant is small, with a spreading, lush crown. The leaf plate is small in size, rounded, with crenate-serrate serration. Mamina's variety has oval-conical fruit cups, painted in a dark scarlet color. Apples weighing up to 120 grams, have a sweetish taste with an autumn aroma, ripen in mid-autumn. The pulp is juicy, fine-grained, creamy lemon color.

Fruit shape, bright color, good winter hardiness and versatility of use are the main features of the variety. Through the description, all its advantages are revealed, thanks to which it fell in love with many gardeners.

Advantages and disadvantages

Mom's cups have positive and negative qualities. The advantages include:

  • high yield;
  • cold resistance indicators, up to -30 degrees;
  • immunity to diseases and pests;
  • taste qualities;
  • universal use of the crop.

The apple tree has few drawbacks: drooping crown and low keeping quality.


Mama's apple-tree belongs to the variety of the autumn ripening period. Ideal for growing in small areas due to its compact size and small stature.

Size of an adult tree

The apple tree is medium-sized, an adult tree reaches up to 3 meters in height. Seasonal gains are average. Crohn, with proper care, adds up to 30 cm every year.

The frequency of fruiting

Systematic fruiting depends on adherence to growing rules. A good harvest can be achieved if:

  • plant a seedling in a sunny place;
  • protect the tree from drafts and gusty winds;
  • the distance between seedlings is at least 4 meters;
  • the soil must be fertile and well-drained;
  • timely sanitary and formative pruning.


Mom's apple-tree cups belong to the varieties of folk selection, so the yield is determined by the gardeners' reviews. For a medium-sized tree, the indicator is high. When forming the first fruits, it is necessary to remove one fruit from each bundle and get rid of sick and deformed ones.

This procedure will not only increase yields, but also save the seedling from unnecessary reboots.

In order for the apple tree to give a generous harvest, pollinators with an early fruiting period are planted nearby: Arkad yellow, White filling or Kitaika golden.

Tasting assessment

The taste of the variety, according to summer residents, is 4.5 points. Despite its fine-grained structure, the pulp is juicy, sweet and aromatic.

Winter hardiness

The variety is cold-resistant, easily withstands frosts down to -25 degrees. If you mulch the trunk circle, the tree can overwinter even at -30 degrees.The apple tree is endowed with a varietal feature - quick recovery after freezing.

Disease resistance

Despite the fact that the variety is resistant to many diseases, it has weak immunity to scab. When growing an apple tree, Mom's cups, you must take into account the growing region.

In cities with a temperate climate, if the rules of care are not followed, fungal diseases often join. In cities with a warm climate, without observing preventive measures, the tree often suffers from fungal and infectious diseases.

Flowering and ripening terms

The seedling enters the fruiting period for 4 years. Abundant flowering begins in mid-May and lasts 10 days. Flowering time depends on the growing region and weather conditions.

Ripening occurs in mid-September. In technical maturity, the apples are colored in a soft olive color, and in the period of removable maturity - in dark red. When favorable conditions are created, the crop remains fresh for 2-3 months.

Favorable growing regions

Mama's apple-tree belongs to the 4th zone of cold resistance. In winter, the plant feels comfortable at a temperature of -30 degrees, in early spring - at -28 degrees.

This category includes: Central and Northwestern Russia, as well as northern and mountainous Scandinavia.

Although the variety has a drawback, short storage, it has found popularity among gardeners. Since it has good taste, unpretentiousness in care, it is suitable for making jams, preserves, stewed fruit and candied fruits.

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