How to make a sulfur wick at home and carry out sulphonation of wine

How to make a sulfur wick at home and carry out sulphonation of wine

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Making homemade wine is fun and exciting. For the production of wines, special varieties of grapes are used, certain technological processes are followed. To improve the quality of the product, wine is sulphitated at home using sulfur dioxide. Means in certain quantities can be added directly to wine or pulp, juice.

What is sulfitation?

First of all, the addition of sulfur preparations to a wine product is used to destroy foreign bacteria. Thanks to the procedure, it is possible to solve several more problems:

  • you can stop the fermentation process;
  • various diseases of the wine product are prevented (yeast haze, bloom, bacterial fermentation);
  • decomposition enzymes are deactivated, which destroy the original shade of the wine, its taste and peculiar aroma.

Sulfitation is a common procedure. Sulfur preparations are completely harmless, they are often used for the preservation of fruit purees for children. Experienced winemakers recommend the use of sulfur dioxide, since the effectiveness of other types of preservatives is much worse.

How to sulfate wine at home

For the procedure, branded drugs are used, which are sold in specialized stores. Moreover, the substances are not simply poured into the wine product, since they dissolve poorly in an acidic medium and will quickly evaporate when the liquid is stirred. First, the required amount of the product is diluted in a glass of ordinary water, and then the solution is poured into the processed product.

The recommended doses of sulfur preparations, taking into account the type of the initial product, are shown in the table:

Type of processed productDosage (mg / liter)
Healthy grape must120
Wort infected with gray mold200
Heated pulp100
When laying liqueur wines for a long storage period80

A simple solution is to fumigate the containers with sulfur using a special spoon-ladle with a long handle (booth). The sulfur combustion procedure is carried out in stages:

  1. The drug is placed in a booth, set on fire and quickly lowered into a container, covering the neck of the dish with a lid.
  2. As soon as the preparation burns out, the booth is taken out, and the container is tightly closed with a lid.
  3. The processed wine product is quickly poured into a container and hermetically closed.

When burning sulfur, do not use metal containers - use glass, wood or enamel dishes. For processing vessels, you can use special sulfur strips - wicks.

How to make a sulfur wick for winemaking with your own hands

If there are no branded strips impregnated with sulfur, you can make a special wick yourself, at home:

  • cut paper strips 30 cm long, 3-4 cm wide;
  • sulfur is poured into a container and heated until it turns into a liquid;
  • paper strips are dipped in liquid and hung to dry.

For storing wicks, use a glass, hermetically sealed container. The procedure is carried out in the open air. Safety precautions involve the use of protective rubber gloves, masks, tweezers. At the end of the production of strips, be sure to wash and wash your hands with soap and water.

The requirement for sulfitation is to maintain the correct dosage. Since a small amount of sulfur preparations will not produce the desired effect, and an excessive dose can impart a bitter taste to the finished wine product.

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