Features and description of Jordi's bush chrysanthemums, planting and care

Features and description of Jordi's bush chrysanthemums, planting and care

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Bright autumn flowers delight with their flowering until the frost. Perennial bush chrysanthemum Geordi has an unusual color. It does not require special growing conditions, because it has good resistance to adverse climatic conditions. Thanks to bright colored caps, it can harmoniously stand out against the background of other plants or complement any bouquet.

Description and features

The variety is noticeably distinguished by its orange-yellow striped chamomile-shaped petals. They border the middle of an unusual light green shade in two tiers. The bushes delight with flowering throughout the autumn period until the first frost.

Plant height is up to 70 centimeters. The bush is quite resilient, so no additional support is required.

Breeding history

The variety was created by Dutch breeders. It is used in floristry and landscape design. From the first year of production, the plant has proven itself on the good side.

One of the reasons for its popularity is the ability to grow perennials in Holland all year round. The cut variety is successfully cultivated and marketed all over the world.

Growing through seedlings

In order for the bush to bloom earlier, the plant should be grown through seedlings. To do this, you need to prepare the soil, containers, seeds.

Tank and soil preparation

For germination of seeds, a box with a small bottom is taken, into which the prepared earthen mixture is poured. Seeds are laid out on top at a distance of 2-3 centimeters from each other.

If sowing is carried out in separate cups, then 2-3 seeds are placed in each container, and sprinkled with sand on top.

Temperature regime

When growing seedlings of this variety, the main point is to maintain the optimum temperature. In order for the seeds to germinate well, and the sprouts to be strong, the room should be 20-24 degrees Celsius.

How to plant

To grow healthy seedlings, seeds are sown in disinfected soil. To do this, you can use any method:

  • calcine the soil in the oven;
  • pour boiling water over;
  • freeze.

The seeds are distributed from above on the surface without a depression. You can sprinkle with sand on top. Then moisten the soil through a sprayer and cover the container with a film or glass lid.


After the seedlings have risen, they dive. When 2-4 leaves have appeared, they are transplanted into separate containers or special cassettes. The process helps to select stronger seedlings. Weakened or elongated shoots are discarded.

Important: the pick is carried out carefully so as not to damage the thin roots of the seedlings.

The soil for replanting is the same as for sowing.


In order for a hybrid variety to calmly tolerate unfavorable environmental factors, it is hardened. Two weeks before the expected date of planting, when the temperature on the street is not lower than 15 degrees, the seedlings are taken out to the greenhouse.

Landing in open ground

For good growth and flowering of a culture, it is necessary to determine the place, soil and timing of planting in open ground.

Seat selection

The area for cultural representatives should be well ventilated, open and sunny. At the same time, wind and draft can impair the health of flowering bushes. The place should be free of stagnant groundwater.

Soil requirements

Jordi loves fertile soil, so humus or compost is added to the holes. Mineral fertilizers are not introduced, as they can harm young roots. A drained loamy or sandy loam soil is suitable for the plant.


Seedlings are planted in open ground when the ground warms up enough. Better to do this in mid-May. Plants are planted immediately to a permanent place.

Landing scheme

In the holes, young shoots are placed at a distance of 35-40 centimeters.

Care rules

In order for the plant to take root in a new place and to please with abundant flowering, it needs to be provided with proper care.


The variety loves abundant watering. If there is not enough moisture, then the petals will not be so bright and beautiful.

The culture is watered under the root so that water does not fall on the leaf plates.

Top dressing

The variety requires feeding. Ammonia nitrogen is applied at the beginning of the growing season. And during the formation of buds, potassium and phosphorus are introduced. You can not get too carried away with feeding, since an overabundance leads to the abundant development of foliage, and not inflorescences.

Weeding and loosening

After watering, the soil surface around the plants is loosened up, and all weeds are removed. To make it easier to care for the crop in the future, a thick layer of mulch is poured under the bushes.

Preparing for winter

Despite the fact that the representatives of the variety endure the winter, they should be prepared for the onset of frost. Since healthy specimens winter well, it is recommended to inspect each bush for the presence of diseases and pests.

In late autumn, the bushes are pruned, leaving hemp of 10 centimeters. Then they are carefully huddled. There should be no pits nearby, where water would accumulate, which can subsequently cause rot.

If in the regions the winter is frosty, but not snowy, it is recommended to cover the plants with spruce branches or dry foliage.


The culture reproduces productively by seeds and cuttings.


The seeds of the variety can be sown on seedlings, or in open ground. For this, the soil must be warmed up, there is no threat of frost. After sowing, the holes are watered with warm water and covered with a garden film.


Strong representatives of the variety grow from cuttings, therefore this type of reproduction is considered the most optimal. Cutting is recommended in the spring. For this, the plant is transferred to a warm room and watered abundantly and fed with ammonium nitrate for a week. This will give good growth to new shoots.

When they reach 10 centimeters in height, they are carefully cut with a sharp knife and transplanted into prepared soil. Cuttings can be planted in separate containers or in one large box.

Use in design

Representatives of the variety are perfectly adapted for growing on a balcony, loggia or terrace. In the garden, they create original compositions with flowering shrubs, decorate with them rabatas, borders and flower beds. The variety looks great when cut. In bouquets, he has no equal in durability and decorativeness.

Jordi representatives do not require special growing conditions. In addition, they easily propagate by seed, cuttings and seedlings. With proper care, the plant with unusual color buds blooms all summer and autumn.

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