The most drought-tolerant potato cultivar "Vineta"

The most drought-tolerant potato cultivar "Vineta"

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On the territory of the former Soviet Union, the Vineta potato enjoys the increased attention of potato growers. Originator: Europlant. The early ripe table variety "Vineta" is included in the State Register of the Russian Federation for the Central and North Caucasian regions.

Description, characteristics and photos of the variety “Vineta”

The plant is represented by sprawling bushes with small floral corollas of white color. Leaves with a weak wavy edges, light green in color. The tubers are covered with yellow mesh skin and have small eyes. The shape of the tubers is round-oval. The average weight of the tuber does not exceed 97 g. The pulp in the section is light yellow in color, with starchiness not exceeding 15.5%. Potato has a high taste. With high agricultural technology and a favorable agricultural background, maximum yield indicators reach an average of 235-239 kg / ha.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Potato varieties "Vineta" has many advantages that are due to the high level of quality of tubers and the main characteristics:

  • friendly return of early vegetable products;
  • marketability from 87 to 97%;
  • high drought tolerance;
  • high taste indices;
  • keeping quality is 87%;
  • not affected by the wrinkled and banded mosaic virus, resistant to potato cancer and nematodes;
  • no twisting of leaves.

When growing, prophylaxis against late blight of tops and tubers is required.

Variety of Potato Varieties

Landing Features

Vineta potatoes have been grown in Russia since 2002. During this time, vegetable growers have accumulated sufficient experience, allowing them to get high yields with minimal effort and time.

Agricultural practices for planting this potato variety are standard:

  • before planting, tubers are sorted, subsequently processed or treated and sprayed with growth stimulants;
  • to get a good harvest, you should choose varietal tubers, whose weight is not less than 35 and not more than 85 g;
  • for landing, you need to prepare a flat (preferably on a hill) section that is well lit by the sun and is characterized by an early descent of snow mass;
  • on the site you need to outline the rows for planting potatoes or use a special cord when planting. Planting pattern 60 x 35 cm or 70 x 35 cm. It is important not to deepen the tubers too much, adhering to a depth of 8-10 cm;
  • as fertilizers that contribute to improving the quality of the soil, it is recommended to use rotted humus or mullein.

Care Rules

Potato varieties "Vineta" unpretentious, but responsive to compliance with basic agricultural activities:

  • Weeding, cultivating, hilling and watering greatly affect crop yields. For weeding row spacing, it is recommended to use a walk-behind tractor equipped with rotating cutters and lancet paws, or hand hedgehogs; the use of small-scale mechanization tools in gardens and small-sized summer cottages greatly simplifies and facilitates weeding.
  • About a month and a half after planting, potatoes need to be spudded to improve tuber formation. Carrying out the maximum earthing up of potatoes with the help of hillers or hedgehogs for weeding can replace not only weeding, but also high-quality loosening of the soil.

  • Fertilizing potatoes with liquid fertilizers on dry soil very often causes burns to the roots of the plant, therefore they are carried out after watering or rain. The first top dressing should be carried out at the stage of active growth of tops, and if potato bushes are poorly developed and have thin stems, it is advisable to use foliar top dressing.
  • The size of the potato crop and its quality are greatly affected by diseases and pests. The first preventive spraying against late blight is performed at a potato bush height of 15-20 cm using drugs "Acrobat" or Ridomil Gold Against the Colorado potato beetle, you can spray with such powerful modern means as "Decis", "Actellik" or "Fosbezid."
  • Potatoes are harvested after the tubers are fully ripened, as evidenced by the yellowing and lodging of the potato tops.

We also suggest that you familiarize yourself with the varietal characteristics of Dolphin potatoes.

Reviews of summer residents

Vineta potato was received by leading German agronomist breeders in the middle of the last century and within a short time was able to spread to many countries. The value of this variety is its high drought tolerance. Therefore, a large number of positive reviews were given by gardeners cultivating this potato precisely in regions with insufficient rainfall.

Technology for growing potatoes in warm beds

Consumers appreciate the variety for its excellent taste and the ability to use both first and second courses when cooking, it is an ideal raw material for making french fries. Variety "Vineta" can be safely attributed to premium varieties, which deservedly gained popularity among Russian potato growers with their incredible drought tolerance, high immunity and excellent taste.