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Potato "Agatha": a productive Dutch variety

Potato "Agatha": a productive Dutch variety

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Potato "Agatha" from Holland belongs to the early varieties, popular both in Russia and abroad. The variety forms a high yield within 50-55 days.

Grade characteristics

Tubers are highly marketable. They have an oval-oblong shape and small eyes. The starchiness of the potato pulp is 12% -14%. Tuber shelf life is also quite high. The flesh is cream-colored and the tuber peel has a light yellow coloration.

Bushes are low, with white flowers. Potato "Agatha" has good taste. Harvesting is carried out in early August, which helps to protect vegetable products from late blight. The variety is characterized by moderate resistance to late blight, as well as fusarium wilt, which involves the processing of both planting material and plants during the vegetation phase.

Landing rules

Potato "Agatha" is excellent at sites that are well prepared and well seasoned with fertilizers. Landings should be carried out from north to south, giving preference to open and well-lit areas throughout the day. If necessary, landing on ridges or by comb method is performed.

Before planting, the high-quality preparation of seed potatoes is of particular importance. the tubers should be of medium size, as well as characterized by the absence of diseases or pests. To improve germination, as well as when growing under adverse agricultural conditions, pre-sowing treatment of planting material "Fitosporin-M" at a rate of 3 l / 100 kg of tubers or "Prestige" at a rate of 1 l / 100 kg should be carried out.

Preparation, planting and harvesting potatoes

Very high performance was noted when applying the Force means to the soil during planting, which will protect potatoes from wireworms. Spraying the bottom of the furrow during planting to protect against pests is carried out using the drug "Actara." Wood ash also has good effectiveness, a handful of which is added to each planting hole.

When planting, it is very important to provide the potato with a sufficient nutritional area. Most often, the distance between the potato rows is at least 70-75 cm, which makes care as easy as possible. The distance between plants in the same row should also be optimal and be at least 25-30 cm.

Care Features

Dutch varietal potato "Agata" is characterized by good responsiveness to compliance with all the rules and norms of cultivation:

  • it is important to carefully monitor the cleanliness of landings and to carry out the earliest weeding if necessary;
  • loosening at all stages of growth and development of potatoes should be superficial and mandatory from watering and rain;
  • the variety "Agatha" grows well and bears fruit abundantly under conditions of mulching the soil with straw or mowed dried grass;
  • Before the flowering phase, several hills of potato tops should be carried out;
  • even on the most fertile soils it is recommended to apply fertilizers, the effectiveness of which depends not only on the timing, but also the dose, as well as the method of application to the soil;
  • Good results are obtained by foliar top dressing of a vegetable crop with superphosphate (10 g per square meter) a month before harvesting. This speeds up the outflow of nutrients from the tops to tubers;
  • too large and uncontrolled application of nitrogen fertilizers for potatoes, especially nitrate, causes the accumulation of nitrates hazardous to health in tubers.

Most often, potatoes are affected by late blight. The first spraying with the appearance of signs of the disease is carried out by means of the “Revus” with the calculation of the flow rate of the working fluid 200-400 l / ha. If necessary, repeat spraying with this product should be done no earlier than a couple of weeks after the first treatment. The introduction of an aqueous suspension Anthony on the soil surface under potato tops in the budding phase at the rate of 800 l / ha will prevent the Colorado potato beetle attack.

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Potato growers reviews

Potato varieties "Agatha" has quite small and superficial eyes, which makes it a favorite for many housewives. The variety is slightly loose and very tasty. It can be used in the preparation of almost any dish. Reviews of potato growers about the variety are mostly positive.

How to plant potatoes

Potato "Agatha" early forms the crop, and the period of tuber formation takes on average no more than a month and a half. Each bush forms about a kilogram of the commercial appearance of tubers even on unfavorable soils, including loams. In addition, there was practically no decrease in productivity in conditions of an insufficiently warm and long summer period.