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Grapes "Triumph": description and features of cultivation

Grapes "Triumph": description and features of cultivation

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Triumph is an American table grape variety with an early ripening period. The author of the hybrid form is J. Campbell. It was obtained using Concord and Muscat Chasselas as a parent pair. The genetic formula of the Triumph grape is as follows: 50% Vitis Vinifera and 50% Vitis Labrusca.

Grade characteristics

Grapes "Triumph" forms vigorous bushes with large and rounded leaves and bisexual flowers. The surface of the three-lobed leaves is slightly dissected, with a slightly bristly pubescence. The clusters are quite dense, large or medium in size, elongated or conical in shape. The berries are medium or large, oval, white or golden yellow. Juicy pulp is covered with a thin skin.

Grade Advantages

Grapes called "Triumph" is considered one of the best bred by American breeders, and has a sufficiently large number of positive properties:

  • Yields for the entire growing season from medium to high;
  • good growth power;
  • unpretentiousness and winter hardiness;
  • table appointment;
  • weighty berries and bunches;
  • commodity appearance of the crop;
  • good taste indicators;
  • labrus taste.

With the age of the plant, the size of the clusters and berries increases, and the overall yield indicators also significantly increase. The frost resistance of the variety is -23-26 ° C.

When cultivating this hybrid form, it should be remembered that it is not sufficiently resistant to damage by major grape diseases.

Grape variety selection

Landing rules

Standard recommendations for grape planting by agronomists are also suitable for growing the Triumph hybrid form in household plots.

  • The best time for planting is considered to be early spring, but it is allowed to plant in the autumn period. When planting in spring, fruiting occurs earlier, and autumn planting shifts fruiting by season.
  • Grapes grow and develop better in the southern areas, so it is recommended to plant a plant from the southern wall of a residential or utility building.
  • You can plant grape seedlings both in a trench way and in special planting pits.
  • Grafted grape seedlings should be planted so that the grafting site is above ground level.
  • Vegetable grape seedlings are planted only in the spring, after the first few leaves appear on the bushes.

  • Before planting grapes, seedlings should be carefully examined, and it is imperative that all damaged and higher pairs of lower nodes of the roots are removed.
  • It is desirable to arrange the rows of the vineyard in a direction from north to south, which will allow for more uniform illumination of plants. Landing is allowed on slopes with a steepness of more than five degrees.
  • The landing trench or pit should be equipped with high-quality drainage and two-thirds filled with nutritious soil with the addition of mineral fertilizers.
  • After planting, plants should be abundantly watered and fixed on a support. A good result is mulching the soil around the planted grape bushes.

Care Features

Grapes "Triumph" is a very plastic plant, with high survival rate, but yield indicators largely depend on compliance with growing technology.

  1. Yield indicators of irrigated grape bushes increase by about 1.5-2 times compared to growing plants non-irrigated.
  2. Very actively amateur winegrowers are introducing the use of drip irrigation systems in the vineyards, which allows fertigation, or top dressing with irrigation water.
  3. At the stage of coloring the berries, irrigation measures must be reduced, and starting from the phase of technical ripening of grapes, it is worthwhile to completely stop watering.
  4. It is recommended to carry out a fairly short pruning of fruit arrows, for 4-6 eyes. Without pruning, grapes of this variety quickly run wild.
  5. Green pruning of the vineyard is carried out mainly for sanitary purposes. After the procedure, the entire vine should be laid on the ground and pinned. If sanitary pruning of the vineyard is carried out regularly and correctly, then the plant is healed, and the likelihood of various diseases is also significantly reduced.
  6. Shrubs should be sprayed with special insecticides and fungicides in order to protect against pests and major grape diseases.

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Reviews of winegrowers

According to gardeners, the Triumph grape possesses such an important characteristic as abundant fruiting, which is practically independent of external factors. Grape brushes can reach a weight of 2 kg, usually four are formed on each bunch of such clusters. Such abundant fruiting cannot but attract winegrowers.

The Triumph hybrid berries are great for making wine and juices. Grapes accumulate a significant amount of sugars, thanks to which the wine from it has a sweet and pleasant taste. The form is very in demand for the cultivation of new varieties and hybrids, which is due to a sufficiently high frost resistance, quick adaptation to various external adverse factors and unpretentiousness in care.

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