Instructions for use and composition of Dakfosal, dosage of tablets and analogues

Instructions for use and composition of Dakfosal, dosage of tablets and analogues

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All kinds of mineral additives and natural fertilizers help summer residents and gardeners grow crops and collect high yields. However, it is important to ensure the safety of the crop. Thanks to "Dakfosal" it is possible to effectively get rid of rodents and destroy insect pests. Handling the substance requires attention and caution due to its high toxicity.

Composition and active ingredient of the insecticide

The drug is available in the form of tablets, packaged in vials. Standard packages - 0.3 kg and 1 kg. Insecticide composition: aluminum phosphide, phosphine (affect the respiration of insect pests or rodents, causing paralysis of the nervous system). The peculiarity of the action of the agent is gas activity.

Activation of Dakfosal tablets occurs under the influence of moisture in the air. It is the emitted phosphine gas that provokes paralysis of the spiral muscles of pests and interrupts active breathing. For the drug to be highly effective, an adequate amount of oxygen is required, otherwise there is a low mortality rate of insects.

In what cases is it used?

The tool is actively used for disinsection of empty storage facilities, storage facilities, elevators, in which grain is stored in bags or in bulk under films. The drug has a wide range of effects on pests (insecticide, rodenticide, acaricide). "Dakfosal" is used for processing granaries in order to destroy the barn weevil, grain grinder, tobacco beetle, mill moth, grain moth, flour beetle, ticks and other pests.

In open spaces, the product is used to protect areas from moles and other earthmoving. Moreover, as a rodenticide, the substance is produced in the form of stickers. To destroy the animals, it is enough to stick the Dakfosal-anticrot sticks into each wormhole-entrance during the day.

Mechanism of action

The “functioning” of a drug can be divided into two stages. The active ingredient - aluminum phosphide - has no pesticidal qualities. However, when it reacts with moisture in the air, it forms the toxic gas phosphine. To cause severe poisoning, it is enough to inhale air for 10-15 minutes, in which the concentration of the toxic substance is 1 mg / cubic meter. meter.

It should be noted that the gas has an unpleasant odor and no symptoms of poisoning are observed in the first few minutes. The toxic effect of phosphine lasts 1-24 hours. In the case of prolonged ventilation of the room, the gas decomposes into harmless substances.

Instructions for the use of "Dakfosal"

Given the toxicity of the drug, the manufacturer's recommendations for use should be strictly followed.

Object being processedPest typeDrug consumptionProcessing instructions
Empty granaries, warehousesHarmful insects (except mites)5 g / cc meterThe premises are treated at an air temperature of at least 15 ° C. Duration of processing is 5 days. Loading of premises is allowed after thorough ventilation.
Elevators filled with grain in bags or in bulkInsects and ticks9 g / ton of seeds, grainsThe processing temperature is maintained. In the presence of ticks, the duration of action of the drug is 9 days. People are allowed into the warehouse after airing

Security measures

When processing premises, first of all, the amount of the required substance is calculated, a plan for the location of the tablets is drawn up.

Basic safety requirements:

  • for the period of work with Dakfosal, a full set of personal protective equipment is put on (overalls, boots, gloves, a special respirator);
  • when the first symptoms of suffocation appear, work stops; it is necessary to leave the room;
  • after finishing the processing of the warehouse or elevator, you need to take a shower, and the PPE is sent for neutralization. The processed room is tightly closed, and information about the event is posted on the door.

It is strictly forbidden to contact the tablets or granules with the naked body or open skin areas. You can also not smell the product. It must be remembered that at high air temperatures (from 30 ° C), the risk of a sharp release of phosphine increases, which can cause severe burns and poisoning.

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In case of drug poisoning, grade 3 is diagnosed. Chronic poisoning is also very dangerous, which causes cirrhosis of the liver, blood diseases, blurred vision and speech impairment.

Drug compatibility

The simultaneous use of "Dakfosal" and other insecticides is not recommended, since with an increased content of carbon dioxide in the room, the effect of phosphine is sharply increased.

Storage rules

Given the high toxicity of the drug, it is strictly forbidden to store tablets in a warehouse or in a room at the same time as food, household items or household items. Storage temperature range from -20 ° С to +35 ° С. The warehouse must be equipped with supply and exhaust ventilation. Placement of nitrogen fertilizers and "Dakfosal" in the same room is not allowed.

To avoid the harmful effects of the drug on the human body or chronic poisoning, it is advisable to use the drug immediately after purchase.

What can be replaced?

A popular analogue of the drug is Selfos, which is also designed to protect grain storage from pests. Advantages of the preparation: medium toxicity, destruction of rodents and various types of insect pests, does not accumulate in grain, low consumption. To process 1 ton of grain, three tablets are required.

The use of special preparations greatly simplifies the protection of grain crops from pests and ensures reliable destruction of rodents and moles. However, one must take into account the toxicity of the funds and the need to comply with safety requirements.

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