Names of species and breeds of wild pigeons, their descriptions and characteristics

Names of species and breeds of wild pigeons, their descriptions and characteristics

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Man has long domesticated pigeons. There are many breeds of birds bred or improved by humans. However, in nature, there are still several varieties of wild pigeons, each of which has its own name. To get such a bird in your own dovecote is a great success, and in order for the birds to take root and begin to breed, patience, knowledge, experience and considerable financial investments are needed.

Features of forest and wild pigeons

For many peoples, pigeons are sacred birds. They are revered by Christians and Muslims, since it was the dove who became the herald of the end of the difficult journey for Noah during the Flood, he also carried water in his beak to water the Prophet Muhammad. The dove remains a symbol of peace and happiness, which is why it is customary to release them at weddings, personal and social celebrations.

The order of pigeons, which include birds, has about 280-290 species. There are domestic and wild pigeons that are accustomed to being close to humans, and species that prefer to exist apart. These include most wild pigeons and forest species. They have their own names and are a welcome acquisition for dovecotes.

Varieties of forest birds

Pigeons living in the forest are usually smaller than their urban and domestic counterparts, weight, depending on the species, is 200-700 grams, but some species are large in size. Gray and brownish shades of plumage allow you to remain invisible, there are a huge number of varieties, but 2 species are characteristic of Russia.


Large forest bird weighing 700-950 grams, 40-45 centimeters long. The plumage is gray with a brownish tint. On the neck, on the sides, there are characteristic white spots, the head is small with a sharp orange beak. The plumage is dark on the chest, brightens to the paws. The male cannot be distinguished from the female by external features. The wings are large, strong, the span is 60-70 centimeters, the bird is capable of flying long distances. Vyakhir has a second name - vituten.

Birds nest in coniferous, deciduous and mixed forests. They are shy and prefer not to settle next to a person or in places that are often visited by tourists and mushroom pickers. May hang upside down. For flights, they form small flocks, with a sedentary lifestyle, they live in pairs, jointly look after chicks.


The bird looks like an urban rock dove. It is slightly smaller in size, weighs about 300 grams, body length - up to 35 centimeters. It differs from sisari in a larger head, short tail, light gray uniform shade of plumage. On the neck there are feathers with a characteristic greenish tint. The paws and beak are red at the base, the tip of the beak is yellowish. The bird is careful, settles in deciduous forests, groves.

Types of wild pigeons

There are many varieties of wild pigeons in nature, some of them have a nondescript color and unremarkable appearance, others have a bright color and an exotic look.


The rock dove has long been adjacent to humans. It can be found in rural streets and city squares. Wild sisari fly better, but outwardly they are absolutely identical to their urban relatives. The bird has a small head with a dark beak and white wax. The wings are wide at the base, sharp at the ends, dark stripes are noticeable on them. The neck has iridescent plumage, green, lilac and reddish shades are present in it. The chest is light gray, the wings and tail are darker shades, on the tail there is a dark border.

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Important: city pigeons can be brown, white, red or gray-blue; this color is not found among wild individuals.

Sisari can develop high speed in flight, up to 160 kilometers, this is beyond the power of their urban relatives.


Sometimes this is the name of the pigeon - a bird lost in the branches of trees, indeed, seems to be gray. Although her color is gray with a brownish tint.


Outwardly, the rocky pigeon is very similar to the urban saezar, the difference is that wild rocky pigeons are more agile, they fly better and faster. They prefer to settle in caves, on rocks, in gorges, away from human habitation.


This species also prefers to settle on rocks. The size of the white-breasted is similar to the cisar, you can distinguish it by its dark gray or black head, the neck and chest are light, almost white, for which the birds got their name. The wings and tail are darker, with a white border on the tail. The beak is dark, the paws are red.


A small graceful bird, weighing from 120 to 300 grams. The plumage, depending on the species, is brown, coffee or bluish-ash color, there are characteristic white and black stripes on the neck, and a black beak. The bird has long been considered a symbol of loyalty and love. Occurs in forests, but often settles within cities, closer to humans. Some breeds of turtle doves (for example, diamond) are kept only at home. Such a bird is small, no more than 20 centimeters, with a weight of 50 grams.

Exotic wild pigeons

Pigeons are common all over the world. Sometimes they have a completely unusual look and color for us. Such birds are an adornment and a subject of special pride for pigeons, if they manage to get them into their own collection.


Australia is the home of this wild pigeon. A small bird of a motley red color with a long tuft on its head settles exclusively on the ground. Chooses arid rocky areas for life. The length of the bird is 20-23 centimeters, the weight does not exceed 100 grams. The bird's beak and paws are black, with a red border around the golden eyes.

Treron vernans

A very beautiful bird of exotic color. Length - 25-30 centimeters, weight - 100-160 grams. The pigeon has a bluish head, upper back and chest. The neck in front and the lower part of the breast is pink, the lower part of the body is greenish or yellow. The wings are green with a dark brown border, the same dark border on the tail. The homeland of these pigeons is Southeast Asia, they are common in Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines. They settle in forests and mangroves.


A large bird, the last of its kind. A rainbow-colored necklace of long feathers around the neck distinguishes this species of pigeons. The head is ash-blue, the chest and lower part of the body are of the same color. The length of the bird is 40-45 centimeters, the weight is up to 600 grams, so the pigeon does not fly much and spends most of its time on the ground.

Fan-bearer crowned

Another heavy member of the pigeon family. Bird weight can reach 2.5 kilograms, length - up to 75 centimeters. This is an endangered species, birds were often exterminated for the sake of delicious meat, their natural habitat was destroyed. Crowned pigeons live in New Guinea, later they were brought to Australia and New Zealand.

The bird's head is crowned with a fan-shaped crown of feathers. The color of birds can be blue, light gray or chestnut, depending on the type of bird. Wings with a wide white stripe. Pigeons nest in trees, spend most of their lives on the ground in search of food.

Bicolor fruity

These birds are found in South Asia, Africa, Indonesia. The length of the birds is 30-45 centimeters. Depending on the species, they are black and white, gray-pink with green wings, gray-black. They live in the treetops. They feed on berries and fruit pulp.

All types of pigeons are unpretentious in keeping, exotic varieties in our conditions need additional heating of the room.

They eat almost the same, the diet includes:

  • grains;
  • plants' seeds;
  • fresh grass.

Exceptions are bicolor fruit and Treron vernans, these birds prefer the pulp of fresh fruits (peaches, apricots, grapes).

Breeding and keeping pigeons is an interesting activity that is regaining its former popularity. A variety of species, beauty of flight, exotic plumage - each pigeon house finds its charms in birdies, for most it is a lifelong hobby.

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