How ferrets are sexed, how a boy is different from a girl, and who to choose

How ferrets are sexed, how a boy is different from a girl, and who to choose

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If a few years ago ferrets in Russia were classified as exotic animals, today they no longer surprise anyone. Fluffy dodgers are loved for their playful disposition, quick wits and soft fur. They are interesting for both children and adults. However, not all pet lovers know how easy it is to determine the gender of a ferret when buying, and the character traits and nuances of the animal's constitution strongly depend on this.

Ferret sex determination

Sexual demorphism in ferrets is strongly pronounced. Males are larger, sometimes almost twice, more stocky. They have a flat muzzle and thick, sturdy paws. In order to distinguish young animals by gender when buying, you need to turn the animal over on its back and carefully examine the abdomen. Males have a tubercle far enough from the tail. Females have only anus under the tail.

Determining the sex is, of course, easier when the animal has reached adulthood. Male individuals weigh up to 2.5 kg, female - up to 1 kg. Males eat a lot, mark the territory with urine and feces, smell sharp. For these reasons, breeders strongly advise neutering ferrets at the age of 10-12 months.

Sexually mature females are thin, graceful. Their muzzles are longer, and their limbs are thinner and slightly longer. Girls eat less and often hide food in reserve, arranging a cache in the corner of a cage or apartment. They are more cautious and less tameable.

Who is better to choose: a boy or a girl

The question of choosing a pet is always difficult. There are definitely pluses for each side.

Large size, the coat is more knocked down and fluffy.

You can walk on a harness like a dog.

The character is more flexible, playful. They love communication with the owner: to lie on their knees, when they scratch their tummy, they give a treat. Males do not like loneliness, and therefore they will quickly remind of themselves with a painful bite on the leg or arm.

They mark everything they can and smell unpleasant if they do not castrate them in time.

They eat a lot, without a sense of proportion, and are slovenly.

In case of fear or danger, they will bite to blood.

They will pretend to be the owner of the house, if they are not put in place at the very beginning.

Ferrets know how to stand up for themselves, but in games they are affectionate and patient.

Get along with other animals and children (under adult supervision).

More independent, they will always find something to do with themselves.

They eat a little, carefully look after their wool.

More active and quicker than boys.

They do not like hands and games with the owner.

They can periodically show their character and do small dirty tricks in the form of gnawed wallpaper and "unearthed" carpets.

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