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How to get rid of leaf flakes on carrots

How to get rid of leaf flakes on carrots

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Help me please. The second year I can’t get rid of the leaf flea on carrots. Last year, the tops of carrots were twisted, like parsley - this is leaf foliage. Carrots did not grow at all, although they watered with chemistry. This year I changed the beds, but again the carrot grew twisted. Can anyone come across such a problem? How to get rid of leaf flare?


It’s a carrot muhanado to plant carrots when it ends in the end of May-beginning of June

Planted at the end of May, does not emerge, we water regularly, what is the matter is not clear.

In our region, such a problem with carrots for many years. Therefore, we grow it under cover. You can remove it only at the end of June. Dill spun this season, had to reseed and also cover.

Thanks. I thought that except for covering, nothing will help.

Thanks. I'll try to plant now, maybe it will grow

I squirted invavir, the carrots straightened up later, but you need to catch the moment as early as possible, otherwise you will not see early carrots.

I plant carrots, alternating rows with onions, but sometimes I use Iskra-Bio, if it rains, I need to repeat the treatment

Just sow carrots in late April or early June. April to the arrival of the flies is already getting stronger, and June will not see the fly at all.

Thank you very much for the advice, otherwise I was completely tortured, I have been left without carrots for more than a year.

Sorry, but you still do not know, and in the winter where the fly overwinters, probably in the garden, then you probably need to shed chemistry in the fall. What do you think?

I don’t know where she hibernates, but if you sow carrots at the above dates, she will not ruin your carrots. That's for sure. And try not to use chemistry and chemical fertilizers.