Peach "Vine Gold": cultivar features and growing technology

Peach "Vine Gold": cultivar features and growing technology

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Peach "Vine Gold" belongs to the category of promising varieties and is among the ten best crops for a personal plot. A variety obtained by Canadian breeders as a result of crossing varieties "NJC" and "Veecling". Ideal for cultivation for commercial purposes and has proven itself in canning.

Despite the fact that a peach of this variety was bred more than twenty years ago, Vine Gold has become relatively popular in our country relatively recently. The demand in home gardening is due to the resistance of the variety to low temperature indicators, as well as tolerance to rot of stone fruit crops.

Grade characteristics

The description of the Vine Gold variety tree characterizes it as a vigorous, with a spreading crown. Flowering in the medium term. Fruits are large, weighing up to 300 g or more, pronounced round-oval shape. Coloring is yellow, with a characteristic red-pink blush, which is more pronounced on the sunny side.

The pulp is fragrant, of dense consistency, juicy, yellow in color, very sweet. The stone is medium in size, rounded in shape. The ripe pulp remains a little on the bone during separation. The transportability of the harvested crop can last up to four days after harvesting.

Peach "Wine Gold": features of the variety

Landing Choice

Peach "Vine Gold" is a very popular southern plant, which grows best in areas with medium loamy soil with sufficient moisture and air exchange. When choosing a place for planting peach seedlings, it is recommended to give preference to areas well lit by the sun and protected from gusty winds. Fruit tree is quite demanding on the quality of the soil on the site. The best in mechanical composition for fruit plantations are light loamy and sandy loamy soils.

The best time for planting a peach of this variety is considered spring. Landing pits should be fully prepared by March or early April, when the soil on the site has already thawed enough and dried up. First of all, it is necessary to prepare a high-quality landing pit 4 x 5 m in size.

Peach trees are very fond of well-fertilized and fertile soil, so immediately before planting, you should half fill the pit for seedlings with compost or rotted manure. Experts and experienced gardeners recommend using annual or two-year seedlings for planting in personal plots with a well-developed aerial part and root system. After planting, the plants must be abundantly watered and mulch trunks circles with sawdust, peat or foliage.

Features of agricultural technology

Peach trees of the Vine Gold variety require high agricultural technology and competent cultivation measures:

  • despite the fact that peach is considered to be a very drought-tolerant fruit crop, for the normal development of the plant and a good harvest, timely irrigation of the plantations is necessary;
  • irrigation should be carried out periodically, and their abundance depends on the amount of rainfall, a couple of weeks before harvesting, irrigation measures must be stopped;

  • at the stage of active fruit formation, it is very useful to feed peach trees with liquid potash fertilizers;
  • after harvesting in order to properly prepare fruiting plants for the winter period, it is advisable to feed them phosphorus fertilizers.

In addition to watering and top dressing, peach plantings need weeding, loosening the soil, as well as the implementation of sanitary and shaping pruning. The variety has high rates of immune resistance to disease, which reduces the need for spraying with strong chemicals.

Gardeners reviews

Peach "Vine Gold" has a slightly unusual taste, which, judging by the reviews, resembles at the same time the taste of nectarine, pineapple and mango. The bone does not completely separate. The pubescence of the fruits is insignificant, but the skin is rough enough, which somewhat spoils the impression of the variety, but makes it transportable.

How to prune a peach in spring

According to most gardeners, the Vine Gold variety will not be able to completely replace the very popular and widespread Red Haven peach variety in our country, but is now a worthy competitor to it.